Over the years network security has been a major concern when designing and maintaining modern networks. And since most organizations today depend on computers and their networks to improve their business process, productivity and efficiency, it is very important to maintain and secure the networks.

Because most networks today are connected to the Internet, the threat of someone accessing an organization's network through the internet, and stealing important information is very common. But there are many other possible threats and dangers to networks; for example, viruses which are coming out every day.

Some common viruses are a Trojan horse which is a program that disguises itself as something useful on the system, but actually harms the system, and sometimes sends or transmits information to the hacker. A worm is a program that travels through networks or between computers and sometimes carries a lot of viruses. Others like polymorphic and stealth viruses are more difficult to detect and get rid of because they hide and change byte size to avoid detection.

Some ways users can protect themselves is through a firewall which is installed software, which selectively blocks traffic between networks, or incoming information flowing from the Internet to a privately controlled network. But besides a firewall users need antivirus software to remove viruses.

Other ways users can protect themselves is having a secure password for everything they do on their computer or while using the internet. Also, users should upgrade their security patches and software as often as possible for more protection.

Another approach users can use for enhancing security protection is having a proxy service because it checks all traffic for errors between external and internal networks. And users should use encryption all the time when dealing with important files.

Overall, as today's networks grow and offer great benefits to everybody, users needs to safeguard themselves against network security dangers that occur every day because every network or computer is always going to be vulnerable to some extent. All that users can do is never keep important information on their system.