There are many ways that a computer can get infected and damaged. We have to keep in mind that not only by connecting to the internet a computer can get infected, but also by sharing USB devices or any other type of portable hardware!

One of the many ways that a computer can get infected is by simply obtaining a file in a public place, saving it in a USB device and opening the file in your Personal Computer. Many times we donít take into consideration this activity and therefore useful to scan your USB devices for infected files and folders in a regular basis!

One of the most popular ways in which computers get infected is by not having your computer up to date with the latest software definitions. Most of the operating software updates available relate to security and if not up to date might put your computer at risk.

There exist several ways in which internet users can get their computer infected with viruses, malware and spyware. One of the most common way computers get infected is when we try to download software, music, and games and we donít know if the site is legitimate or reliable. We might not notice a change in our computer when the music or program is run but the virus has actually been installed itself in the computer.

E-mail attachments are another common way computers get infected. Many times e-mail we receive comes from people we know but we cannot be certain that the attachments donít contain infected files. If the E-mail looks suspecious, delete it before opening it.† Itís highly recommended to be cautious when opening e-mail attachments even if you think they are from a reliable source.

There are many ways our computers can get infected, but it is also true that exit many others to prevent them from invading our systems. Having a good antivirus software, maintaining the computer up to date with the latest updates, being cautious with e-mail attachments and preventing the download of software, music or others from an unreliable site can lower the risk of infection!