Today’s business requires and demand new and unique programs that can do the task necessary to run a business. Most business depends on custom made programs that will give a step ahead of the competition. Accurate, fast and reliable are just three of the most important aspects of a custom made program. Programmers are constantly facing challenges including the language these programs are to be written on. Experts Column wrote an article on the 10 most popular programming languages. 

The number one of the most popular languages is Java. This program is utilized mostly because it is secure and more robust that most languages.  The programming is very similar to C and C++. It is widely preferred because of its threadabiltiy with other programs.

I was surprised to see C# as being the second most used and most powerful program. It is mostly influenced by Java. It is secure, dynamic and threaded.  Most of the programming is on the GUI side of it but the console is also utilized for many operations.

C++ and JavaScript are the next in line. C++ is an enhancement of the C programming language. It is considered a mid level language which is combined with higher lever languages and lower lever languages. Java script is mainly to provide action to web pages. It enhances CSS and HTML.

Number 5 on the list was Visual Basic programming language. This programming language is simple and powerful. It can do most tasks and can combine communication with other languages.

The other five programming languages ordered in importance were PHP, Objective C, Pearl, Python, and Ruby.  

All programming languages have their share of importance. Identifying which program language will work best on a project requires much more investigation.  But one thing we have learned is that the most popular programs will always be on demand. Mastering 5 of the 10 most popular programming languages can get you a step ahead of the competition when applying for a job. South Texas College has given us a step into the programming world. We have to do our part and continue pushing forward enhancing our knowledge on a daily basis.

Julian Pena

South Texas College