To the Editor:
The BP Deepwater Horizon well exploded a year ago April 20th--ultimately sending a record-breaking 200 million gallons of oil in the Gulf.
And what has Congress done to help with restoration? Nothing.
It's time to get serious about restoring the Gulf. BP and the others will pay fines under the Clean Water Act for each barrel of oil spilled. These fines will reach into the billions of dollars--as they should.
Right now however, the money from these fines will simply be deposited into the federal treasury and will not be used to restore the Gulf -- at least not until Congress steps up.
Oil is still oozing in the marshes, washing up on beaches, and covering sections of the Gulf floor. The full impacts of the disaster will be felt for years, even decades, to come.
There is much we can do to make the Gulf of Mexico a cleaner and healthier place for people and wildlife, but we need to get started as soon as possible.
Congress needs to stop sitting on its hands and dedicate the Clean Water Act penalties to Gulf restoration.
Mrs. Maureen Olivarez
Mission, Texas