Well, we had another Republican Presidential Candidate Debate and with the exception of Newt Gingrich every one of those GOP presidential wannabees broke out their already worn out buzz lines for us to hear for the almost uncountable time.

Mitt Romney, seeking to look conservative, wants to send every illegal alien packing, with no exceptions. Ron Paul wants to keep America safe by waving a copy of the Constitution in the face of all terrorists and supporters of the Patriot Act. Rick Santorum will profile every young man with dark skin and a beard. Michele Bachmann will keep bribing the failed state of Pakistan not to place a nuclear weapon in terrorist hands. Herman Cain will give us a 1st, 2nd and 3rd step to everything, but only after he has heard from all his advisors. Rick Perry will put boots on the ground and shut down the border, but hasn't done that much about the problem in Texas. Jon Huntsman, who always reminds us he lived in China, will be nice to everyone and let America be a shining example to the world.

The only item that seems to generate headlines from the November 22nd CNN debate on national security, is the Newt Gingrich comment about allowing illegal aliens who have been in the United States for two or more decades and have conducted themselves in a positive manner to remain here with legal status, but not citizenship. This is a rational person's view of how we should treat the immigration problem, but it is far from being a politically correct statement during a Republican primary season.

As in all these debates, the name Barrack Obama surfaced time and again. All of the news media led into the debate and followed up after the questioning with statements and clips of Obama and his "millionaires and billionaires" mantra, along with the Democrat line about taxing the rich higher so they can pay their "fair share".

From both the right and the left, these are things we have heard repeatedly for the past year and can expect to hear even more in the year to come. Only a few political ads have made it on to television and radio, but they will grow in frequency and intensity with every passing day from now until the election.

The sad thing about all this political hype is none of it is based upon reality. Every thing being said is tailored to the baseline of each political party.. and that is what happens to be wrong with the entire election system. We still elect political parties instead of individuals. If there were no political parties to give elected officials their marching orders, we would not have a monster called unmanageable debt consuming the country. We would not have a party line that favors little to no defense; we would not have things like the Freddie and Fannie situation.

Rational people elected to office would vote their own hearts and minds.and perhaps sanity would rule. After all, only idiots and political parties would allow the country to become the mess it is today. Unfortunately, we have both in abundance in a place called Washington DC.

Semper Fidelis

Thomas D. Segel

Harlingen, Texas