Do you or someone you know need health insurance? Many of us cannot afford health insurance for our families. And for those with pre-existing conditions, like cancer or heart disease, coverage seems all but impossible. You aren't alone. There are thousands of Texans like you. The good news is that help is available.

Recently, the Texas Department of Insurance informed us about their Consumer Health Assistance Program - or CHAP - which helps Texans find the health coverage they need. This program is a FREE resource. It can help you learn about your rights under federal and state laws, appeal an insurance provider's denial of a treatment or service, resolve a complaint against your health plan or insurer, and enroll in a health plan. CHAP is specially designed to help people who have a pre-existing condition or

who have been denied coverage.

Going without health insurance often means we don't get the preventive care that can keep us healthy. It also means we might have to delay necessary treatments such as childhood immunizations, expensive

surgeries, and chemotherapy. If you're looking for health coverage, or even if you simply want to talk to someone and get more information, please call 1-855-TEX-CHAP (1-855-839-2427), visit, or text "CHAP" to 25859.