Most people understand that divorce in the United States bounces all around the 50% mark.  People join in a union where they pledge to remain united forever.  Then life begins and some place down the line reality sets in and for a variety of reasons the relationship needs to be dissolved.

It could be argued strongly that the relationship between the American public and the Congress of the United States of America has reached that point where, as happens in a marriage between two people, there are now irresolvable differences.

In many marriages communications issues lead the reasons for later divorce.  What is expressed and promised before the marriage turns out to be nothing but words lacking substance.  Those promises never turn into a reality.  The same holds true for the American public and the words politicians use to win its heart.  Once in office, all those sweet words and pledges fade from the elected official’s mind.

High on the list of reasons marriages fail are financial problems.  One or both partners in the relationship spend the marriage to the brink of financial ruin.  When one party realizes this major mistake and the other ignores it, time arrives when the contract between them is canceled.

If we were to go down the list of reasons why people terminate their marriages and compare those reasons to our relationship with Congress, it should be clear we could charge that governmental body with most of these irreconcilable differences.

Often the separation occurs when there is lack of commitment on the part of one partner to make things right with the other partner.  It is clear to any thinking individual that Congress has a total lack of commitment to make things right with the public. It remains fixated on the next election and how to fatten its campaign purse.

Marriages fail when there arises a dramatic change in priorities.  There has come a time when it is the will of the people to reduce our national debt and live within our means.  Congress wants to keep spending and pretending it is doing better at bringing home the bacon to an electorate that only wants it to bring home a balanced budget.

Failed expectations and unmet needs are also listed as primary reasons for the destruction of relationships.  Congress has failed to meet the needs of the entire population time and time again.  Though it continues to make grand promises, those expectations are never realized.

Marriages often end because either one or both partners lack conflict resolution skills.  Anyone would agree that is Congress today there is no capability to resolve the poisonous conflict between the two political factions in office.  This alone should be the reason for divorce.

Finally, and by no means something that is at the bottom of the list, marriages end due to infidelity.  Long, long ago Congress stopped keeping faith with its partner, America.  Instead it started conducting a double life.  On one hand it promised nothing but wedded bliss and faithfulness to the American people.  At the same time it was prostituting itself to every political faction, lobbyist and special interest group that tapped secretly on the door.

For all of these reasons, America should seek an end to its relationship with the single body that has made a mockery of their union.  Sadly, just as the abused spouse in a failed marriage keeps hanging on tightly, fearing the unknown, so does the American public hang on to its failed Congress because it cannot see an alternative to the harsh reality of divorce.  The simple answer is….start a relationship with a brand new partner.

Semper Fidelis

Thomas D. Segel

Harlingen, Texas