Jose Madrigal


President Obama has attempted many times to involve the members of the Republican Party to work with the Democrats in working out a health reform package that is beneficial to those members of society that are uninsured. The Republicans just refuse to work with the other party in passing such a bill. All they want to do is say No! No! to the present bill. The suggestions the Republicans have given have already been incorporated into the revised plan and the Republicans still say no to the plan. It is time for The Monitor to begin writing articles criticizing the Republican party members for their failure to work with the democrats in this project. The republicans are making Congress irresponsible in performing their duties to society in general. It is time for the Monitor to take sides. We need this program here in Texas and the Monitor should be supporting passage of a health reform package. The Monitor should also be putting pressure on the politicians to pass this program. It is time to take action.Congress should pass this reform package now!