To both the Principal and the Vice-Principal of the Achieve Early College High School,

Sadly you refused to respond to my simple request for an explanation (Yesterdays e-mail),as to why High school students were "forced" to stand-up and recite a Mexican pledge of allegiance in an American school. For your school to take the position that this was part of the learning curriculum is absolute nonsense, and gives the clear position of being Anti-American in some of your teachings. They could have all read about it online or in a history book, if just learning about Mexico's anthem was the intent. Can you document that you do this with all countries that you review in your history lessons, for purposes of being consistent??? I suspect Not!!... Here is a quote from a news article about this incident, that concerns me greatly;..."Wearing red, white and green, students had to memorize the Mexican anthem and pledge and stand up and recite them in individually in front of the class."

Why the "Uniform" of clothing, what does that teach these kids, if not only to indocrinate???........It was clear here that you wanted to indoctrinate and compel these impressionable students to accept the Mexican pledge as part of their own, This was not a teaching lesson in any sense of the word, but more like a technique in "Brainwashing"".. Since this was during the so-called Mexican Independence day, did you also teach them how Mexico denied The Republic of Texas the same Independence that you are celebrating, when Mexico Murdered everyone at The Alamo, (1836), and how they Hacked POW's to Death after overrunning The Alamo, and how Mexico's army, then piled all the American bodies in piles and burned them to ashes?? Just because they wanted the same Independence that Mexico celebrates......Did you Teach that side of History also???.....Wouldn't that piece of History have been more worthwhile to Americans, after all it is Their history,....and it is True??

It is clear here that there are abuses in the teaching curriculum, and how it is interpreted, and misused. I suspect you do not teach or use the instrument of "pledges of allegiances" when relating to other countries to teach history, ....except for Mexico. This misrepresentation is All under the guise of "teaching????". This is unacceptable, and as a citizen of this country, as an American, and as a War veteran, who can no longer tolerate the abuses of the Freedoms that are granted in this country, I am going to file a complaint with the Governors office of the State of Texas, and request an investigation.

I am also going to ask many, many, American citizens, in this e-mail, to do likewise, and submit their complaints.

Tom Pastore