1. Pass balance budget amendment.

2. Cut all money submitted to members of UN in one half (1/2_, every time they vote against the USA two (2) times in a row. This is to be done three (3) times. The fourth (4th) time any UN member country votes against the USA two (2) times in a row, eliminate all future money submitted to that country.

3. Term limits for all congressmen and senators., twelve (12) years total maximum in congress.

4. Eliminate all benefits and salary issues from congress and make those items decided by ballot in presidential elections only. Ballot to allow decrease in salary as well as increase in salaries.

5. Eliminate all post benefits to congressmen and senators. Allow retirement benefits to only include a salary of one fifth (1/5) of their last salary while serving the public in congress. Any other benefits are to be restricted to private sector availability only. No more living off the fat of the land at tax payers expense.

6. Eliminate all current IRS Tax rules and introduce one (1) flat tax rate on corporations and one (1) flat tax rate on individuals.

7. Currently there is extreme amounts of duplication in federal organizations. Initiate immediate reform to eliminate every government agency that duplicates work done in another government agency.

8. Issue rules in congress that each and every bill passed must not be allowed to contain riders, all bills must be on one (1) single issue, i.e. clean and honest bills only will be passed by congress.

9. Reintroduce UMT (Uniform Military Training). The three (3) year military draft for all individuals at age 16 with deferments to be allowed if individual shows proof of continuing education. No one drafted after they obtain age 25.

10. Complete reform of all welfare/social assistance programs. To be replaced with work fare and sensible programs for people in need, not because people are too lazy to work.

if you don't like my suggestions, then you must be a Socialist/Democrat and do not believe in the US Constitution nor our christian values that made this country GREAT!

Please pass this on, especallly to your local congressman, TV and newpapers.