The Trade Deficit, Foreign Fuel dependency and the cost of health care "INSURANCE."

The republicans believe the trade deficit is good for America...but it is too complicated to explain how.

The republicans believe we have the greatest healthcare system in the world. But the problem is the rest of us canít afford it.

The republicans believe that energy independence can only come from nuclear power or deep water oil. Which they donít want to regulate.

What About our Grand Children???

3 MILE ISLAND, Chernobyl and Japan in less then 50 years one worse then the other can we afford 3 nuclear accidents around the planet every 50 years?

The BP oil spillÖ which is more toxic to the fish and fish eaters, the oil or the chemicals used to hide the oil on the bottom of the ocean?

The Republicans want to ignore these three root causes of Americaís economic trouble. And they want to blame Unions, Social Security and Medicare.

Should American workers be able to retire?

Should American workers have affordable medical care when needed?

Should Workers have dignity, safety, security and a fair wage in the workplace?