October 27 you can take part in "Speak Up for America's Food Day" by using an interactive website WWW.SAVEAMERICASFOOD.ORG to lobby Congress for a practical solution for America's farmers to secure a legal, stable work force. You can send a letter to Congress and find other ways to speak up for America's food and farms. And, for Facebook users, you can "like" the SAFE campaign by visiting Facebook.com/SaveAmericasFood.

Texas Citrus Mutual and Texas Vegetable Association are working with Agricultural Coalition for Immigration Reform (ACIR) and National Council of Agricultural Employers (NCAE) on the immigration reform issue. These groups have developed a major public outreach campaign called SAFE, (Save America's Food & Economy) to help preserve American agriculture, and protect our reliable farm labor force.

If Congress doesn't act fast to ensure our farms have the skilled and experienced workers needed to keep feeding America:

Hundreds of thousands of farm workers will be displaced

Thousands of farms will be forced to shut down, leaving crops to rot in fields and livestock to suffer

A devastating ripple effect will be felt through many local economies

The safety and stability of America's food supply will be at risk

We encourage you to visit WWW.SAVEAMERICASFOOD.ORG and click on the TAKE ACTION tab to let Congress know that they must take action to address this issue. You can sign an electronic petition and send a letter to your elected officials in a matter of minutes.

If you want Congress to protect our economy, jobs, and food supply, then SAFE is the place to start. E-Verify legislation currently under consideration would displace hundreds of thousands of highly skilled and essential migrant farm workers. Not only would the American farm community take a devastating direct hit, but our economy would suffer and our food safety would be compromised.

Please join tomorrow's crucial effort to speak up for our industry!

Texas Citrus Mutual

Texas Vegetable Association