Dear Edinburg Review,

Recent events have prompted me to say something in defense of Israel.

Israel is a most important ally we have in the Middle East and now more than ever we need to stand with Israel to combat the evil forces at work there in the Middle East.

God will bless those who bless his people in Israel, and he will curse those who curse Israel, we must stand with Israel.

It is shameful how the The prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, was treated recently on a visit to the Whitehouse. We can not turn our back on Israel.

We should be vigilant of the threat posed by Iran, whose leader repeatedly states he wants to wipe Israel off the map, and the United States of America next.

Iran is moving closer and closer to gaining nuclear weapons it plans to use towards that end. We must take action to stop Iran from threatening our Land and

the land of Israel.

Israel has a legitimate right to exist, promised both by God to Abraham in the Holy Scriptures and by the United Nations' recognition of Israel as a State in 1948.

The conflict with the refugees in the Palestinian zones is stirred up by agents of Syria and Iran. Both sides can coexist peacefully, if only they agree to each others

right to exist.

Under Israeli control in Jerusalem all religions are protected. Holy sites will continue to be maintained under Israeli control. The same can not be said for holy sites under muslim control. Jerusalem should be shared but not divided. Since Israel has the best track record of safeguarding holy sites, they should maintain control.

As we get ready to celebrate Passover and Easter, we need to remember the meaning of the holidays freedom and openness. Israel and its capitol, Jerusalem, embody those freedoms and should be celebrated, not divided.


Joe Salazar

Harlingen, TX