EDINBIURG It's that time of year when that last school bell rings and the children are out of school for the summer. Now what? Don't let them fall into that "summer slump," sitting around the house.

"Summer slump" is the decline in reading achievement kids experience when they're away from school. It is characterized by a staircase pattern of steady upward student achievement throughout the school year, only to drop back during the long summer break away from formal literacy instruction. A study by the Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk found that students who read as little as four or five books can prevent the "summer slump."

The Dustin Michael Sekula Memorial Library is dedicated to promoting reading and literacy for all ages. Each year, the Sekula Memorial Library reaches out to children and teens by hosting the Summer Reading Program, a statewide program. The goal is to encourage children and teens of all ages to continue reading throughout the summer in order to maintain or even increase the reading skills they have attained during the school year.

During the Library's Summer Reading Program participants take part in programming that includes science, arts, technology, crafts, culinary classes, dance classes, and much more.

This year's program will run five weeks, beginning June 6 and ending July 8. Registration has begun and will continue throughout the program. Those who complete the program will receive a certificate of completion and be treated to a carnival style celebration for children and a lock-in party for the teens at the end of the summer.

Through the Summer Reading Program we hope to instill the love of reading and create lifelong library users.

For more information about the summer reading program or any other library program call the Dustin Michael Sekula Memorial Library at 383-6245 or visit us at 1906 S. Closner Blvd. You can also visit our website at www.edinburglibrary.us.