The Ontario Historical Society has honored the scholarly work of Dr. Owen Temby, assistant professor of political science at UTRGV.

Temby and his co-author, Ryan O’Connor, associate member of the Centre for Environment, Heritage and Policy at the University of Stirling, received the 2015 Riddell Provincial Award for their article on Ontario history published during the award year. Their article – “Property, Technology and Environmental Policy: The Politics of Acid Rain in Ontario, 1978-1985” – was published in the Journal of Policy History.

“The Ontario Historical Society is one of Canada’s oldest and most active historical associations. It publishes its own scholarly journal on Ontario’s history,” Temby said. “With all of this excellent research published every year, receiving this recognition is especially satisfying.”

Dr. Ian Radforth, who teaches labor and immigration history at the University of Toronto, described the article as impressively researched, clearly argued and “analytically sharp.”

“The article shows how the Ontario campaign of the late 1970s and early 1980s to reduce acid rain made significant headway only after the coalition of activists identified low-cost technological solutions that appealed to the corporate polluters,” Radforth said of the work.

Temby is a joint-appointed faculty member of the UTRGV School of Earth, Environmental, and Marine Sciences in the College of Sciences, where he teaches and conducts research in his specialty area of environmental policy.

“This journal article is part of a larger research program I’ve been undertaking on the political history of air pollution in Canada.” Temby said. “I’m presently writing a book on air pollution in Ontario over a 30-year period.”