The Valley Land Fund and Quinta Mazatlan invite youth in South Texas outdoors this summer to photograph nature.

Children ages 8 to 18 can explore the great outdoors in June and July and attend the free Awards Ceremony on the evening of Aug. 18 at Quinta Mazatlan. Every child that submits by July 30 will be recognized with a winning image in the multi-media show, receive a free contest t-shirt at the awards ceremony and have an opportunity to win cash prizes.

Youth are encouraged to enter their best photographs by July 30 in any of the categories including Birds & Mammals, All Other Wildlife, Landscape & Waterscape, Plant Life, Ranches & Farms, Dusk to Dawn, and Patterns in Nature. A photograph from every child entering the contest will be featured in the multi-media show at the awards ceremony.

Improve your chances of winning by signing up for Youth Photo Workshops at Quinta Mazatlan and/or just drop in on Photo Fridays from 10 to noon for help with photos and entries.

For more information please visit or