Leadership McAllen Executive and Steering Board are pleased to announce the elected participants for Class XXXVI and has begun its program for 2016-2017.

Class XXXVI is composed of 27 participants, who reside and/or work in the McAllen area. Class Sessions are scheduled monthly through May of 2017. The sessions are guided by each month's Program Committees consisting of Executive and Steering Board Members. Sessions allow forum dialogue among participants and sessions leaders, to not only share ideas but also develop understanding of different aspects and topics regarding the City of McAllen. Other activities in addition to the monthly sessions included attending meetings of the McAllen City Commission, MISD Board, and a city advisory board.

Leadership McAllen is an organization created to identify and motivate emerging leaders, develop their potential for community leadership by exposing them to the realities, opportunities and challenges facing McAllen and its citizens and to train emerging leaders of any age how to bring people together to make things happen.

In alphabetical order: Aisha Maria Gonzalez, Amber Peterson, Amy Vela, Austin Stevenson, Christina Salas, Corina Angelica Sauceda, Criselda Moncayo, Cristian Ruiz, Daniel Cardenas, Eduardo Caso, Ethny Fantich, Isaac Villalon Sulemana, J. Joseph Vale, Jackelin Trevino, Jeannette Acosta, Jimmie Joe Flores, Joe Allem Califa, Jorge Chipres, Kevin Whitworth, Lisa Michelle Jones, Lyana Benavidez, Nicholas Rhodes, Olivia Tamez, Ricardo Contreras, Rogelio Chanes, Roxanne Garcia, William Hovel