McALLEN - Mark Lewis was talking to some friends when the topic of ice cream came up.

Lewis and his friends from Thailand were talking about rolled ice cream specifically. This ice cream is famous on the streets of Thailand and now can be found at the McAllen Food Park thanks to Lewis and his business partner Andrew Gomez.

The ice cream is made on a plate, sometimes called a reverse griddle that can reach temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Making the rolls begins with placing for example an Oreo cookie on the freezing plate. Then Lewis takes the flavors he has concocted, mixed with cream and pours the liquid over the cookie. Quickly the liquid begins to become a solid as the mixing process takes place.

Using two spatulas once it becomes a solid the ice cream is spread on the plate and then made into rolls for the final product.

The Rolling With Cream truck has been open since Dec. 30 and instantly the rolls of ice cream were a hit.

“The first night we had a three hour wait,” he said. “It's been going pretty good so far.”

At the moment Rolling With Cream only operates at the McAllen Food Park and will do catering by request.