Incredibowl opens batting cages May 22

MISSION - Batter up! Yes, The Valley’s Playground now offers baseball/softball batting cages. The Valley’s Playground is Incredibowl in Mission, located at 2140 E. Business Highway 83.

“I’m happy to hear that,” said Ruth Garcia, softball coach at McAllen High School. “They are much-needed. Now our athletes will have somewhere to go.”

Five top-of-the-line batting cages have been added to The Valley’s Playground, each one designed to pitch either baseballs or softballs. The machines have four speeds and allow batters to adjust the height of the pitch, too.

“We are excited to offer this newest addition to the Incredibowl lineup,” said Felipe Cavazos, owner of Incredibowl (along with his wife, Alejandra). “We look forward to seeing our local athletes, coaches, and anyone else who wants to step up to the plate and take a swing at our state-of-the-art batting cages.”

Under new ownership since September of 2015, the entire facility—including the restrooms, bar, and kitchen—has been renovated, and The Valley’s Playground has expanded dramatically.

While Batter Up! is the latest cry you will hear at Incredibowl, others, like Try it, you’ll strike it!, have been heard here for years. The 24-lane bowling alley remains a popular attraction for school children of all ages, bowling leagues, families, friends, Winter Texans, and anyone else in the Rio Grande Valley who likes to have fun. When the lights are dimmed, disco-style colored circles dance across the lanes.

“This is the only remaining classic bowling alley in the Valley,” Cavazos said. “We have the traditional wood lanes rather than synthetic lanes, offering a different rotation on the bowling ball.”

One of the first things the Cavazoses did during the renovation process was to add over 50 arcade games to the facility. Among the most popular games are Pac Man, air hockey, Typhoon, and The Giant, a game that allows winners to take home a colorful, giant bouncing ball.

Earlier this month, Academy for Academic Enhancement (Ac2E) Elementary in Rio Grande City took students to Incredibowl to bowl, play arcade games, and have lunch. Shouts of joy, laughter, and excitement filled the bowling alleys and the arcade and eating areas.

“We took second-grade students from Ac2E Elementary to Incredibowl for their end-of-year field trip,” said Pedro Omar Peña, assistant principal at Ac2E. “The students had an amazing time bowling and playing unlimited video games in the arcade. The students also enjoyed delicious pizza for lunch. The friendly staff at Incredibowl ensured that the students were in a welcoming and safe environment. This is definitely a place the students of Ac2E Elementary will visit again.”

Something else you might hear at Incredibowl is Henry Ford’s quotation, Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” or the saying, Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits. Those sayings reference Incredibowl’s Adventure Tower, U.S. and Mexico flags waving proudly on either side of it, which can be seen when you’re driving down Business 83, even before their sign is spotted out in front.

The Adventure Tower is a three-story, four-level ropes course with elements for all skill levels. Imported from Germany, it is the only one of its kind in Texas. The Tower is perfect for individuals who want to challenge themselves, teambuilding for businesses and school systems, a family night out, or a group of friends up for adventure.

“Anyone who goes on our Adventure Tower wears a state-of-the-art harness, also made in Germany,” said Cavazos. “The Tower offers progressive levels of difficulty for ‘kids’ of all ages. There are climbing elements, a hammock, two zip lines, a bike, and a tightrope, among other things.” Spiderman’s Web is a climbing feature on the first level. A Leap of Faith is a jump to the next obstacle. At the end of the course, adventurers celebrate their accomplishment with a controlled free fall.

All of this adventure makes Incredibowl customers hungry. While everything on their menu gets rave reviews, Sulema Hernandez, general manager, said pizza is their most popular food item.

“During the renovation, we got two new pizza ovens,” Hernandez said. “Our pizza is made in-house. Our panchos are also very popular.” Other menu items include sandwiches, burgers, “dawgs,” and Frito pie. They also offer a wide variety of soft drinks.

For those over 21, Incredibowl’s “Chill Chamber” keeps beer at the perfect temperature. They offer nine beers on tap and all of the popular beers iced down. If something sweeter appeals to you, they also have frozen margarita machines, with the delectable drink available in four flavors: lime, tamarindo, strawberry, and mango.

Incredibowl offers a variety of party packages for groups of 10 or more, perfect for child and adult birthday parties, reunions, graduations, end-of-year celebrations, athletic gatherings, corporate and church parties, employee appreciation, fundraisers, and awareness events. In fact, Incredibowl has provided great fun for recent Autism Awareness events.

There are a few other things you should know about Incredibowl:

1. The facility is ADA-accessible.

2. Incredibowl hosts summer leagues, co-ed leagues, Winter Texan leagues, and other bowling leagues. If you do not belong to a league but would like to, Cavazos urges you to “come to Incredibowl and join a league.”

3. If you like daily specials, you won’t want to miss these—from 6:00 p.m. to close:

Monday is “Unlimited Bowling Day” for $12 per person. Every Monday, you can also get boneless wings for 60 cents and a made-in-house cheese pizza for $8.99.

Tuesday is “Dollar Night,” with $1 bowling, $1 shoe rental, and $1 menu items.

Wednesday is “Ladies’ Night.” Ladies bowl free and get free shoe rental.

4. Incredibowl is open seven days a week from noon to midnight. Parties can be booked outside of normal business hours.

5. Incredibowl can accommodate groups of all sizes. The eating area has a capacity of 200.

6. They take school district purchase orders.

7. The phone number to Incredibowl is 956-585-2041.

Make your way to Incredibowl, The Valley’s Playground, for baseball/softball batting cages, bowling, The Adventure Tower challenge, great food and drinks, and a whole lot of fun.