From our previous posts, you, our dear readers, know that we thoroughly enjoy a good brunch. This past weekend we ventured outside our lovely City of Palms. Fortunately, for us and all our fellow foodies, there’s more deliciousness to delight in throughout our Rio Grande Valley. We climbed into our vehicle and made our way over to Azure Bistro in San Juan.

We did have to make one quick pit stop at Feldmans Market Center to find just the right kind of bubbly to match our mood and appetite. From a previous phone call to Azure (literally on our way over), our sources reinforced that in fact the rumor we had heard was true. Azure is B.Y.O.B.!

Gaby: “Are you sure it’s all the time?” I kept insisting to the voice on the other end of the telephone. Luckily, the calm and patient person on the other side kept saying “Yes” with what I could only assume was smile.

Trisha: They probably said, “Watch out! We got trouble coming,” as soon as they hung up the phone.

Gaby: I was on a mission on that phone just like you were on a mission once we arrived at Feldmans Market Center.

Trisha: Someone had to accomplish the task. You were much too busy saying “Hello!” to the entire staff.

Gaby: It’s called client relations.

Trisha: It’s called one-too-many visits.

Although we were told over and over again that a bottled companion was welcomed at Azure, we still tried walking in inconspicuously with our paper bag under our arm, placing it nonchalantly on our chosen table.

Trisha: Even before we could ask for a wine bucket with ice and two glasses, our server was already on his way to our table with items in hand.

Gaby: It’s like they were expecting us! Haha

Trisha: I’m sure the phone call, requesting repeated reassurance that BYOB WAS in fact an option, had nothing to do with tipping them off. (wink!)

Azure Bistro’s Chef Miguel has set up an array of items that will surely satisfy everyone in your party. From starters like pinwheels and bruschettas, to burgers, pastas and sandwiches, plus classic breakfast options like omelettes and pancakes, this menu will definitely satisfy your appetite. Each dish made by Chef Miguel truly personifies his motto of “Eat, Taste, Love”.

INSIDER’S TIP: Breakfast is served all day. So technically, you can enjoy brunch whenever you want. You bring the bubbly, they provide the juice!

While dining at Azure, don't forget to inquire with your server about the Daily Chef Special featuring Chef Miguel's classic dish with a serving of the daily Soup Du’ Jour and an iced tea. The menu also features “Child’s Breakfast” and “Kids Lunch Corner” options for the little ones.

Keeping in true Dishin’ It style, we ordered the turkey Pinwheels, the Hawaiian Pizza (we were being modest and kind to our waste lines) and, last but not least, we split the breakfast signature style Meat Lovers Panini with a side of fruit.

Gaby: Because we’re healthy like that!

Trisha: Excuse me! Because I am healthy like that. You can’t even stand the smell of melon.

Our personal, 8-inch flat bread topped with marinara sauce, ham, cheese and pineapple slices was just the right size and blend of savory and sweet.

Gaby: See, I did eat fruit! I had pineapple with my pizza!

Our Meat Lovers Panini was a massive undertaking to consume. Stuffed with freshly shaved meats that include ham, turkey, chicken AND bacon with eggs, tomato, onion and cheese.

Trisha: We actually only ate half of it because we were “rollin’ in the deep” by that time. Our server brought over a box to make sure we could keep indulging at a later point throughout the day.

Gaby: After we paid and were half-way across the parking lot, our young server ran out and desperately cried loudly “Ladies” and proceeded to hand us over our box with the panini that we had left behind.

All in all, we were happy to make the short trip out to visit this little bistro. It’s great to see all of our surrounding areas expanding and supporting local businesses. If you’re ever in the area make sure to visit Azure Bistro, and take advantage of their new summer special like B.Y.O.B. Monday-Saturday from 4:00p.m. to 7:00p.m. and receive a 10% discount from their yummy appetizers.

Also, if you’re looking for something fun and different to do, make sure to join them in their upcoming 4th of July “Springsteen” Night from 6:00p.m. to 9:00p.m., where they will have a Bruce Springsteen themed celebration which will include a “Born in the U.S.A.” photo op, special menu items inspired by The Boss, and of course, karaoke! Additionally, anyone is welcome to read or sing any Americana themed personal material that they may have.

Azure Bistro is located at 909 W. 1st Street, San Juan, TX 78589. They can be reached at (956) 781-2987 or through their various social media outlets. Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7:00a.m.-8:00p.m.; Saturday 8:00a.m. to 8:00p.m.; and Sunday 8:00a.m.-3:00p.m.

Gaby Jones and Trisha Watts work hand-in-hand with the service industry. Jones is in charge of craft and imported beer for L&F Distributors and Watts is the communications director for Visit McAllen. Each week they will have a new adventure and provide an opinion on various locations throughout the Rio Grande Valley.