It’s another beautiful week in the Rio Grande Valley!


If you are going to Grain To Glass in McAllen on a Tuesday, good luck trying to find a parking spot!  Tuesdays are “Trivia Tuesdays” at the local watering hole, where you can enjoy some craft beer and some tasty food like mac and cheese balls, naked wings, Chili Cheese fries, Porky nachos and a Jerk chicken plate.  It is a great place to hang and chill with friends.  On “Trivia Tuesdays” there is no seat available.  Arrive early!  As you pull up to the location you will see twenty long white tables outside the establishment for the overflow of people.  It is a popular spot in the valley on a Tuesday and last week was no exception.  It was FRIENDS Trivia night and couple of my gal pals and I made shirts and were lucky enough to steal a table inside.  Our team name was “They Don’t Know That We Know That They Know,” and as Super FRIENDS fans, we thought we would win! However, there were 50 plus teams there and many did not even get to play.  Seen were:  Cassandra Moreno; Lou Servantes; Melissa De La Garza; Gabriela De La Garza; Karla Garza; Erika & Miguel Gutierrez; Tatiana Baruch; Cristina & Ray Castillo; Cedar Risica; Keristen Lopez; Joaquin Gonzalez; Patricia & Eduardo Garza; Priscilla Campos; Denise Rosales; Mario Palomo; Jennifer Villarreal; and many many more!  At the end of the night, we won 4th place.  All those re-runs for nothing!!  Try and stop by on a Tuesday and just enjoy the atomposhere, the food and the drinks! 


This Saturday the Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club’s 7th Annual Skeet Shoot will begin at 8AM at Coyote Arms Shooting Center.  Good luck! Get a team together and go practice your shooting for the upcoming season.  It’s all for local studetns to get scholarships for Texas A&M University, College Station.  Contact Melanie Schroedterat for further details and to join the Skeet Shoot.


This week’s birthdays include:   Mayra Munoz; Erica Martinez; Nydia Peralez; Becky Stocker; Jared Marks; and Cherie Kay Stiers from Monday.  Tuesday’s birthdays include:  Maria Aleman; Esther Jenkins and Anita Yee.  Today’s birthdays include:  Cassandra Moreno; and Patty Fallek.  Thursday’s birthdays include:  Patty O’cana Olivarez; David Pezzat; Luis Marin; Liza Pelkey Cortez; and Carmen Pagan.   Fridaybirthdays include:  Myra Gonzalez; Jessica Morin; Susie Nunez; Karen Boggus; and Leslie  Ewers.  Finally, weekend wishes are going out to:   Leila Bird; Daniel De la Vina; Page Moore; Ted Lopez; Jozabad Palacios; Robert Rosell; Leslie Zuniga; Tissa Peterson; Candice Trigo; Jason Garza; and Lindsie Schuster. 

Have a fabulous week and hope to see you soon!             


XoXo, April



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