Weekends call for a bit of indulgence, but we had no idea how satiated by cheese we’d be last Saturday. Now, although we have repeatedly expressed our love for the gooey, calcium rich goodness, we now know that too much of anything truly can cause regret. Yes, okay, we have dabbled in excessiveness before, but what we consumed last Saturday required some major lack of restraint. Not for the faint of heart, people!

Let’s just give you a taste of how the gluttony began at Margarita’s Mexican Grill & Cantina. Our appetizer, Margarita’s Sampler, was an assortment of chicken and cheese flautas, choriqueso, panchos and the promised sides of chile con queso, sour cream and guacamole. There were NO “sides”.

When we asked our gracious server about the missing guacamole, we were told they were running “low” and could not provide us with any. When we further inquired about the chile con queso also being MIA, our server expressed the fact that she had never seen the chile con queso on the menu (it was clearly listed). Well, turns out that Margarita’s Mexican Grill is where chile con queso goes to die. Although still listed on the menu, the side dish no longer existed. Oh, but wait, there’s more. Choriqueso is to tortillas what beans are to rice. There were NO tortillas. We had to make due with tortilla chips (sigh). The atrocity! That was some darn tasty chorizo, though. Our Spidey senses tell us it was good ol’ Chorizo de San Manuel.


Gaby: I really didn’t think this through with wearing white at a Mexican restaurant.

Trisha: Yeah, people are going to think you're either getting married or christened. (wink)

Gaby: Well, with the music playing and the Papel Picado hanging, it sounds like I am at a quinceañera’s torno-fiesta (aka After Party for our English speaking friends)!

Trisha: Can’t be a traditional quinceañera without the not so kosher adult beverages. Margaritas, please!


Upon our request, we were kindly provided with generous sample sizes of the traditional, strawberry and mango margaritas. There were real chunks of fruit in the mix used to prepare the time-honored frozen delights. After some deliberation, we each decided on a different flavor. One classic margarita for Miss Gaby and a slightly sweeter strawberry margarita for Trisha.

INSIDER’S NOTE: Regular size margaritas are $3, for $2 more you can really indulge in their super-sized margaritas and have a party.

Eventually, after gorging on the appetizer and vacuuming down those margaritas, we came to the realization that we still had to order at least a couple of entrees to share and sample. Not sure how we were going to consume any more food, we had to forge ahead.


Gaby: I ordered Margarita’s signature Enchiladas Mexicanas with queso fresco smothered with guajillo pepper sauce then topped with more queso fresco. Mind you, their version of queso fresco is packaged Mozzarella. While it was really yummy, it was no Queso Cotija or Oaxaca.

Trisha: I’d like the Coctel de Camaron (shrimp cocktail prepared with fresh gulf shrimp, tossed in house cocktail sauce with tomatoes, onions, spices, avocado and fresh cilantro), please.

All in all your best bet is to order the sizzling fajita (our plus one had enjoyed this dish), order some tortillas, the molcajete and the avocado salsa along with an ice cold margarita, and take in Selena’s “Bidi bidi bom bom” and be ready to unbutton your jeans at the end of the meal because it is coma time. To all the staff, teachers, and college students in the Edinburg area returning to school, this place (while sometimes slow and not all put together) is probably your best choice for a cheap, tasty meal and drinks!


Needless to say, no dessert was ordered and there were enough boxed up leftovers for a nice evening “snack”. Margaritas Mexican Grill & Cantina is open everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Take our advice, try not to overindulge when you visit the restaurant at 505 West State Highway 107, Edinburg, Texas.

Contact the neighborly staff members at (956) 316-3663 or follow them on Facebook at Margaritas Mexican Grill and Cantina.

Gaby Jones and Trisha Watts work hand-in-hand with the service industry. Jones is in charge of craft and imported beer for L&F Distributors and Watts is the communications director for Visit McAllen. Each week they will have a new adventure and provide an opinion on various locations throughout the Rio Grande Valley.