McALLEN – As part of National Preparedness Month South Texas Health System is hosting the Trauma and Injury Prevention Expo Saturday Sept. 30.

The event is scheduled to open at 8:45 and is aimed to provide the community information about the different trauma services South Texas Health System has to offer.

“The purpose is to educate and enlightened the public about mechanisms of injury and how to prevent themselves or their family members from being injured,” Becky Callaway said.

The expo will have exhibits which will include demonstrations with the jaws a life, emergency responders, weather preparation, K-9 display, CPR and choking first aid to name a few.

For children there will be a teddy bear clinic and first aid stations.

Nationwide about 150,000 deaths related to three million injuries. The research shows the vast majority of injuries are preventable with knowledge, education and preparedness.

Locally South Texas Health System has about 5,000 injury visits per year at McAllen Medical Center emergency room. About 1,200 of those injuries are serious enough to for admission to the hospital. The hospital had roughly 60 deaths from 2016 up until now.

“Our leading causes of injury to our facility from patients throughout the Valley is a same level fall,” Callaway said.

This can include a person standing on the ground and falling. All ages are included in same level falls which includes the geriatric population.

The expo will take place at McAllen Medical Center and the Double Tree Hotel on south 2nd Street.

Speaker Presentation Schedule

9 a.m. Dr. Joaquin Oronoz – Preventing Trauma During Children's Recreational Activities

10 a.m. Dr. Ricardo Irizarry – Suicide

10:30 a.m. Mr. Luis Slayton – Dangerous Insects Lurking In Your Backyard

11 a.m. Dr. Lerone Simpson – Snake Bites, The Do's & Dont's of Pre-hospital Care

11:30 a.m. Mr. Jerry Bonham – Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, the Silent Killer

12 p.m. Dr. Angel Lamas – Dry Downing, What it is and How to Recognize It

12:30 p.m. Mr. Michael Lea Hilton – Preventing Firearm Injuries, Child Safety