EDINBURG, TX -- SEPT. 30, 2017 -- Right before the RGV FC Toros played their last home game of the season against the Swope Park Rangers this Saturday at HEB Park, officials unveiled a new Toro -- made of stainless steel -- that will now call the stadium home.

Standing at nine feet tall and 12 feet wide, the newly added bull sculpture will now greet visitors at the entrance of the 9,700-seat stadium and amphitheater.

President of the RGV FC Toros, Bert Garcia, said the sculpture, which took over six months to complete, is the “last piece” to HEB Park, which opened in March 2017.

Garcia said the Toro is a mascot chosen by Rio Grande Valley residents, and he hopes the statue will help achieve greater sense of identity and pride in the community.

“From the very beginning the Rio Grande Valley voted for the Toro to be the moniker of our team,” he said. “With the Toro statue in place, the team will now have an official beacon of pride and bring a sense of togetherness to the community.”

Fabiel Roel, the local artist who created the statue, said many ideas were considered before the final project was chosen.

“At first I considered a simpler sculpture of a native plant, then the ideas just got bigger and bigger until we ended up with the massive Toro,” he said in Spanish.

In the seven months that it’s been open, HEB Park has hosted 32 events and brought 85,199 people through its doors. The stadium hosts live sporting events and concerts, and is fully equipped with a sports bar, full-service restaurant, executive lounges and 33 suites which include VIP amenities and 16-seat capacity.