The K. White Jr. High School (KWJH) MetalHawks robotics team placed second, overall at the annual Hispanic Engineering, Science, and Technology (HESTEC) Robotics Day Competition hosted by UTRGV. Over 55 middle schools and high schools participated in this year’s event.

The competition, a quadrathlon, consisted of four challenges that tested the students’ ability to design, build, and program a robot that could complete all four challenges while recording the fastest time possible. The challenges included: a Lego Grand Prix, Lego Maze, Lego Search and Rescue, and a Lego Tracer. Each obstacle course integrated STEM concepts, which provide students with a first-hand learning experience on the fundamentals of engineering and commercialization. In order to succeed, the students needed to display versatility as the objectives varied from the fastest speed, appropriate use of sensors, and the ability to drive the robot with a controller of their choice. Teams who completed an individual challenge with the fastest time received an individual award for that obstacle. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Overall Awards were given to teams that averaged the fastest times on all four challenges, thus placing them above all teams who competed.

The KWJH MetalHawks had a strong performance and did an excellent job representing their campus and our district. Team members for KWJH MetalHawks included: Jorge Salinas, AlphaHawk Captain; Ismael Alvarado, Alma Gomez, Carlos Wong, Danilee Alaniz, Andy Rodriguez, BravoHawk Captain; Anthony Flores, Maritza Moreno, Jordan Hernandez, and Eric Calderon. MetalHawks Coaches are: Mr. Jose L. Sanchez, Ms. Shaila Silva, Mr. Adrian Chapa, and Mrs. Daniela Garcia.