The Mission High School (MHS) robotics team recently participated in the 2017 Hispanic Engineering, Science, and Technology (HESTEC) Robotics Day Competition. On their trip back to Mission, they were carrying some awards earned in the process.

The team placed fourth, overall and took first place in the Lego Grand Prix Robotics Challenge. Each participating team was challenged to a quadrathlon with obstacles designed to encourage students to integrate and apply various STEM skills. The challenges includes: Lego Grand Prix, Lego Maze, Lego Search and Rescue, and Lego Tracer. Students had to build a robot that could efficiently complete each obstacle. First place awards were given to teams who recorded the fastest times on each obstacle.

For the Lego Grand Prix, the robot had to travel a total distance of 16 feet, with an 8-foot section inclined at an angle of approximately 15 degrees. It is reported that the MHS robot completed the Grand Prix in a record-setting 10 seconds.