McALLEN – City commissioner Veronica Whitacre quipped about Mayor Jim Darling being wrong in saying for one night only snow was going to fall on the city streets.

For those who do not remember it snowed in 2004, and the commissioner made a point to tell the audience during the official McAllen Holiday Parade press conference exactly that.

“Like most of you remember we woke up to snow here in McAllen,” she said. “That is my one argument with the mayor and I think I won.”

All kidding aside this year the McAllen Holiday Parade will be a “Magical Winter Wonderland” artificial snow flakes touching ground at the McAllen Veterans Memorial Stadium.

Parade goers wanting to experience the artificial snow will need to make Saturday Dec. 2 available.

Now in its third year the McAllen Holiday Parade continues to mark milestones as the largest parade in the Rio Grande Valley.

The parade has averaged 250,000 spectators, more than 3500 participants, $1.8 million television viewers and 8.7 million social media impressions.

Last year the economic impact the parade generated was $11.5 million injected to the local economy and a total of $15 million to the region.

“With these numbers and the memories we're creating with this event is basically why we have to continue this event,” McAllen city manager Roy Rodriguez said.

The event is scheduled for 6 p.m. start and more announcements will be given to the community as the event nears.