Meet author Allison Pittman at the Dustin Michael Sekula Memorial Library. Pittman will make a special appearance to promote her book, Loving Luther. This is a fictional memoir of Katharina von Bora, the real-life nun who would later marry Protestant reformer, Martin Luther. The novel explores Von Boras early life in Germany during the early 1500’s, including her bond with fellow sisters, and the motivations behind the break from her vows.

The book visualizes Katharina adjusting to freedom outside the convent, her interactions with Luther’s friends who offer refuge, and her relationship with the reformer himself. All is conveyed through the eyes of Katharina, as events in her youth find parallels later in her life. Her faith and savvy are put to the test, not only via Luther’s offerings of a suitor to stabilize her new life path but also through the drama of unrequited love.

The book presentation and signing will take place at the library on Thursday, November 9, from 6­ to 8 p.m.

Pittman is the author of more than a dozen critically acclaimed novels and a three-time Christy finalist – twice for her Sister Wife series and once for “All for a Story” from her take on the Roaring Twenties. She lives in San Antonio with her husband, Mike.

Those in attendance will be able to purchase a copy of Loving Luther for the price of $14.99. For more information call 956-383-6246.