EDINBURG – For the last three years Hidalgo County Precinct No. 2 commissioner Eddie Cantu said challenges like an extraordinary amount of rain, unpopular healthcare district election and a close call with Hurricane Harvey that could have devastated the region have made him and his team stronger.

It goes without saying that the commissioner is proud. At a press conference before commissioner's court Cantu announced his official bid for re-election for commissioner of Precinct No. 2.

The announcement comes at the heels of much speculation that the Pharr native would seek holding the highest office in county judge but for Cantu, there is more that can be done as a commissioner.

“Ultimately the decision to seek re-election came down to the amount of funds available for use as a commissioner,” Cantu said.

Other accomplishments Cantu mentioned his team completed were paving over 15 miles of road, stretched county dollars and lowered the tax rate, turned $20 million worth of funds into $60 million worth of projects, partnered with cities by helping them build roads and creating quality of life projects and used the precinct's manpower to assist cities in their times of need.

The quality of life has improved especially for children Cantu said.

The lessons Cantu has learned in his short tenure have been to always be prepared, work as one county-one team, stretch the dollar, stand up for the community by supporting what is right for the majority, make the tough choices that the community elected us to make and work with cities to do more with less.

“I'm truly proud we have done so much humbly and transparently,” Cantu said.