Ellie Torres, a trustee of the Edinburg school board announced she would seek to run for Hidalgo County commissioner for precinct No. 4.

In the election set for March 6, 2018, she will run against incumbent Joseph Palacios. No other candidates have come forward to challenge the incumbent.

“We really see a need in the county for better leadership, some transparency, some follow throughs and commitments,” she said. “I know there are some big problems out there that you cannot fix quickly but you can't ignore the problems either.”

According to a release Torres, a longtime educator and businesswoman hopes being elected to the commissioner's court will bring diversity to the county leadership, which has been all-male for nearly a decade.

Being a woman could also bring a different perspective because as Torres put it, “ because women think differently.” But it would also send a powerful message to the community to have a woman in a high county office.

While running a campaign for county commissioner, Torres can still serve on the board of trustees for the Edinburg school district. If elected she can continue to serve until her term expired in November 2018. A similar situation arose when Hidalgo County Commissioner David Fuentes was campaigning while serving on the Weslaco school board.

Early voting for the election begins Tuesday Feb. 20. Hidalgo County Precinct No. 4 stretches from the most northern part of the county and encompasses the majority of Edinburg and some parts of McAllen.