As the traditional flu season kicks in, Mission Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) has new tools to help keep students and staff healthy. The district has purchased several high-tech, electrostatic disinfection units for use in schools and buses.

“While we have always had very strong cleaning and disinfecting regimens in our schools and buses, these units will greatly improve our effectiveness,” said Albert Rodriguez, maintenance director. “The combination of the solutions used, and the e-mist technology will help reach more surfaces, especially in harder to reach areas.”

The e-mist units use electrodes to introduce an attractive charge and atomizes the Clorox sanitizing/disinfecting solutions. The charged particles are attracted to surfaces in a way that allows the solution to reach and wrap around surfaces.

Rodriguez said the district has purchased a total of eight units so far with plans to purchase more. Four units are designed more for schools and building, while four other units are mobile and use backpacks. The backpack units will be used primarily for areas like school buses.

“It is our hope that this will help control or eliminate any possible outbreaks of communicable issues like MRSA, norovirus, the flu, etc.” Rodriguez said. “This not only becomes an added step in helping keep our schools healthy places of learning, but the disinfecting units will be extremely effective and time saving should there be any reason to respond to an immediate concern.” Rodriguez added how locker rooms and athletic facilities can be a particular challenge and that the new disinfecting units will really improve the cleaning and disinfecting in those areas.