McALLEN – A new edition of Escandon Park will have ramps, rails and blocks for skaters to take their boards where the imagination can lead them.

“This is a skateboard park,” McAllen Parks & Recreation Director Mike Hernandez said. “We partnered with our grant department and we were able to leverage funds for a facility like this that has been needed in our community.”

Hernandez said the park will be a place that will take kids and adults off the street and provide them with a safe place to express themselves. The park is open morning, day and night.

The park was on the city's project list for two years but it took six months for the design team and staff to construct the park.

The cost of the park was slightly over $110,000. The lighting was repurposed from the I2 project that was no longer needed and the sod was also repurposed from McAllen school district.

“It's been a big hit,” Hernandez said. “Even before the unveiling there has been a lot of families truly enjoying the park.”

The next opening will be Thursday Jan. 11 at a pocket park on Houston Avenue.

The importance to having something like a skateboard park is making sure the equipment is easily accessible. Hernandez said there are groups that are willing to provide clinics and even skateboards to those not able to afford one.

Skateboards are also a great way to stay in shape.

“That is what we try as a city and parks and recreation department,” he said. “Getting people outdoors and getting people to enjoy what the city has to offer.”