Special Olympic athletes representing Mission High School (MHS) and Veterans Memorial High School (VMHS) brought home a total of 23 medals from the recent state Special Olympics Bowling and Powerlifting competitions held in Austin and Round Rock.

The overall, combined medal count for the teams includes 11 gold medals, 10 silver medals, two bronze medals. Two third place ribbons and two fifth place ribbons were also earned.

Results for the MHS bowlers include: Ana Villarreal, 1st Place Bowling Singles; Jackie Porcayo, 3rd Place Bowling Singles; Vianey Campos, 3rd Place Bowling Singles; Raylene Vela, 4th Place Bowling Singles; Ramiro Olivares, 2nd Place Bowling Singles; Carlos Gutierrez, 1st Place Bowling Singles; Clifford Wheat, 2nd Place Bowling Singles.

Results for the VMHS bowlers include: Emily Perez Gonzalez, 1st Place Ramp Bowling; Jazzmin Villanueva, 4th Place Ramp Bowling; Cesario Pena, 1st Place Bowling Singles; Ethan Linares, 2nd Place Bowling Singles.

The MHS powerlifters earning medals were (with their results): Ashley De La Rosa – 153 Lbs Weight Class: 1st Place Squat, 1st Place Bench-press, 1st Place Deadlift , 2nd Place 3 lift Combo (Bench-press, Deadlift, & Squat), Total Awards: 3 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal

Joel Bravo - Weight class 130 Lbs: 2nd Bench-press, 2nd Place Deadlift, 2nd Place Squat, 2nd Place 3 lift Combo (Bench-press, Deadlift, & Squat ) Total Awards: 4 Silver Medals

Armando Sanchez, 200 Lbs Weight class – 1st Place Squat, 1st Place Bench-press, 1st Place Deadlift, 1t Place 3 lift Combo (Bench-press, Deadlift, and Squat) Total Medals: 4 Gold Medals.

Bryan Arellano from VMHS earned the following in powerlifting: 163 Lbs Weight class: 5th Place Squat, 2nd Place Bench-press, 2nd Place Deadlift,

5th Place 3 Lift Combo (Bench-press, Deadlift, & Squat) Total Awards: 2 Silver medals & two fifth place ribbons