The Tax issue? Psssh! More like the snacks issue! Ok, not necessarily correct, but close. We do have another yummy place this week for you gals and guys to try out.

Since last week the bosses decided to dish us (kidding!)-we mean- they created an informative publication that'll help you with your 2017 Tax Return this upcoming season, we took a small little break to regroup and do a 2-hour cleanse when we visited the The Healing Factory Juice & Co. located in North McAllen.

SIDE NOTE: Save those restaurant receipts for next year's taxes!

Now, if you have been following our journey throughout this month of January, you'll know that this is the last part of our “healthy eating in the New Year” series (or whatever we called it, it's been way too long). And let us say folks, we went out with a bang! The Healing Factory Juice & Co is a 100% plant based establishment. Yes, they are 100% vegan.

First things first...shots! Now, before you say, “Hey, girls, hey! What the…?!” We were well aware of the paradox when we wrote down that word. But, if we were going to do this detox and clean eating thing, we were diving into the deep end.


Gaby: I had The Shaman which consisted of baking soda, lime and alkaline water.

This “shot” reminded me of the good ol’ Mexican stomach remedy, Sal de Uvas Picot.

Trisha: Enticed by its name and ingredients, ginger, orange and turmeric, I chose The Dragon .


Keeping on trend with our drinks, we ordered the crowd favorite, Love Sandwich, and the Deity Toast.


Trisha: Yes, we’ll take one Love and one Deity (dee-i-tee).

Server: Oh, a Deity (day-e-ty).

Trisha: Um, Deity (dee-i-tee).

Server: Ma’am, it’s called the Deity (dAY-e-ty).

Trisha: TomAto, tomatO. Just add it on, please.


While we are not accustomed to receiving misdirected grammar lessons on the go, we were quickly brought back to our happy place as we made our way to our table. The Healing Factory Juice & Co walls and murals inspire “zen” and invite guests to relax. In addition, their digital aquarium projected on their t.v. screen is the right touch of quirky to place a smile on your face.

Our Love(ly) Sandwich is The Healing Factory’s version of a typical grilled “cheese” with avocado and hummus, paired with a delicious medley of greens. We were pleasantly surprised by its taste and freshness. The infamous Deity (dee-i-tee) Toast was a simple recipe of avocado, cucumber, mango, lime and chia.


Gaby: I was just missing my hot tea with this toast so I could pretend I was having my High Tea at Buckingham. Minus the mango for me, please!

Trisha: I am always shocked at your distaste in mangos.

Gaby: It’s because I am already too sweet! Lol


As we enjoyed our meals, endless amounts of people kept visiting The Factory and ordered from their various options like: salad bowls, overnight oats, hummus plates, fruit and veggie cups, vegan pastries and their renowned smoothie bowls. And yes, you guessed correctly, cold pressed juices, too!

Smoothie bowls are exactly what comes to your head when you hear those two words. Picture a bowl filled with your smoothie of choice (choose between the Blissful, Aura or Divinity) topped off with fresh strawberries, bananas, coconut flakes and granola.

All in all, it was a DEE-lightful meal!

For more information on how to get in on clean eating or juicing, call The Healing Factory Juice & Co. at (956) 800-4063 or visit them at 5401 N. 10th Street, Suite #112, McAllen, TX 78504. To keep up with their latest menu items and or fun events like “Yoga & Juice” make sure to follow them on their social media platforms @thehealingfactoryjuiceandco.

Gaby Jones and Trisha Watts work hand-in-hand with the service industry. Jones is in charge of craft and imported beer for L&F Distributors and Watts is the communications director for Visit McAllen. Each week they will have a new adventure and provide an opinion on various locations throughout the Rio Grande Valley.