Happy National: Canned Food Month, Chocolate Lovers Month, Cherry Month, Grapefruit Month, Snack Food Month, AND Potato Lovers Month. Whew- talk about options! I’m sure we might have left out a few, but after January’s “healthy eating” series, you won’t hear a peep of complaining from us about having to consume any of the foods being celebrated this month.

As usual for us, it’s “go big or go home!”. We have decided to feature a favorite national food that could easily be eaten as a snack (in slider form) or an entire meal on its own (triple decker), accompanied by potatoes (okay, fries, but it still works).

You guessed it! It’s all about that meaty goodness in between two warm buns (or lettuce leaves for the carb-conscious eaters), garnished with a variety of veggies, cheeses, spicy peppers, BACON, or anything else you might want to add on for an extra flavor kick. Did we mention BACON?!

Soooo...starting off strong with a spotlight on a Rio Grande Valley legend-StarLite Burger!


Gaby: (via text) Never been here before. This place is LIT at 5:15 p.m. for a Thursday. I had to park in the back.

Trisha: (via text) Ha! (laughing emoticon) OMW

Gaby: On my way to the front entrance, a sheet of paper taped onto the drive thru’s menu caught my eye. “Hot Cheetos with Cheese: $3.50. Frito Pie: $3.99.” I was suddenly taken aback to Friday Lights and the infamous Valley concession stands. Starlite knew it’s way to my heart!

Trisha: That would explain the sizable smile on Gaby’s face when I finally walked in.


After looking at all the sinfully, appetizing options on the nostalgia provoking, “old school” diner menu displayed above the ordering counter, we jumped right in!


Trisha: Two mini burgers. Add cheese, please!

Gaby: Well, we HAVE TO try the fried chicken while we’re here.

Trisha: I’ll take a piece of white.

Gaby: I prefer dark. The two-piece leg and wing with an order of fries?

Trisha: That’ll work. Oh! We’ll also need two small Coca Colas. Thanks!

Gaby: You know? Pa’la dieta!


TIP: Before committing to the size, make sure to accurately determine just how much soda you want to consume. Refills on the regular sized glass are .50 cents and .75 cents for the large.


We grabbed our food-filled tray and found a comfortable booth to dine in. Soaking in the atmosphere, we noticed the walls were covered with a display of photos from customer celebrations and employees hard at work, mixed in with framed, inspirational quotes on family and life, “Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times”...how true that is. There truly is a sense of pride in the Edinburg community. This is not the first time that we encounter this at a locally-owned brick and mortar.

Quickly enough, we dove head first into all we had deprived ourselves of during the previous month. Now, now, no need to judge. Remember, balance is key (wink). It’s okay to indulge from time to time, especially if the indulgence involves what could possibly be the BEST, crispiest fried chicken you’ve ever tasted! And, for being “mini” versions, those scrumptious bites of tiny cheeseburger heaven packed an enormous amount of juicy, perfectly seasoned flavor. Our only note to StarLite would be to up their fry game. We had an amazing meal, but limp and soggy fries can put a small damper on your feast.

StarLite Burger has been around for decades in the RGV, with popular locations in Rio Grande City, McAllen and Edinburg. We dined at the Edinburg location, easy enough to find on the corner of 21st and East University Drive at 1106 E University Dr., Edinburg, Texas. It is open daily (Mon-Sun) from 10:00 AM- 10:00 PM. You can also contact them at (956) 383-8111. Be on the look out for their vacation schedule as they close for two weeks during the summer.

Gaby Jones and Trisha Watts work hand-in-hand with the service industry. Jones is in charge of craft and imported beer for L&F Distributors and Watts is the communications director for Visit McAllen. Each week they will have a new adventure and provide an opinion on various locations throughout the Rio Grande Valley.