The Mission High School (MHS) High Flyers brought home quite a few honors from the recent American Dance and Drill Team competition held at South Padres Island.

The following solo awards were earned: Ally Salinas, solo finalist medium team, third runner up division 1 superior rating; Julissa Alvarez, division 1 superior rating; Krystal Carrera, division 1 superior rating; Abigail De Leon, division 1 superior rating.

The following honors were earned in the officer category: sweepstakes division 1 for all three routines; Guisse Nell Davis Award for 93 or above scores from each judge; office jazz routine judges award; office hip hop routine judges award; officer contemporary judges award; silver award best overall top scores in choreography and presentation; best in class medium team runner up; fourth place best of the best officers.

Team awards included: sweepstakes division 1 in all three routines; Guisse Nell Davis Award for a 93 or above from each judge; pom routine judges award; contemporary routine judges award; military judges award; gold best overall top scores in choreography-presentation-technique; third runner up best in class medium team.

Pictured are the MHS High Flyers with honors earned at the recent American Dance and Drill Team Competition. Bottom row left to right: Officers: 3rd Lieutenant January Morin, 2nd Lieutenant Joselly Coronado, 2nd Captain Krystal Carrera, Major Julissa Alvarez, 1st Captain Abigail De Leon and 3rd Captain Alondra Salinas.

Middle row left to right: Alondra García, Dianira De León, Samantha Treviño, Jannelle Marroquín, Haley Reyes, Evelyn Flores, Sonia Treviño, and Jennifer Herrera.

Back row left to right: Iris Sustaita, Jessika Soto, Jetzely Coronado, Jovanna Pacheco, Desiree Escobar, Denea Flores, Leann Castillo, Julie Covarrubia, Amairani De L Garza, Kerelynn Tijerina, Karissa González, Sidney Cantú, and Daniela Barrera.

The High Flyers are proudly directed by Josie Flores, Oneida Saenz, and Isela Gomez.