EDINBURG – At a special meeting the board of directors for the Edinburg Economic Development Corporation made the decision to name Plinio “Joey” Trevino as the new executive director.

“It is an honor and a pleasure to be here,” Trevino said inside the city council chambers after the meeting. “I am humbled by the board of directors, a great group of entrepreneurs.”

Trevino brings vast knowledge to the Edinburg in the public and private sector as he once served as a city councilman for the City of Harlingen and as executive director for the Weslaco EDC.

One of Trevino's larger projects was him being a crucial part of negotiations that landed Weslaco the UTRGV Center of Innovation and for him a city's course of action needs to be infrastructure and education.

“If we do not have a strong work force new developments are not going to come in,” Trevino said.

Another role Trevino will play is in examining current and new proposals in order to attract companies, large and small to invest in Edinburg.

Trevino noted all companies begin small, he feels the development of home-grown companies can only help a city. As these larger companies continue to expand, they will not come to Edinburg unless there are existing successful businesses.

Edinburg EDC Board President Gilbert Enriquez said once the new executive director is in place the public, small businesses especially can be on the look out for promises made on the campaign trail to the voters that change was coming to Edinburg.

One idea is the 5-10 plan to help a small business that has contributed to sales tax.

An economic stimulus package for those who qualify and meet the criteria that will be set by the board Local businesses that have paid sales tax for five years or longer can receive an incentive of five thousand dollars. For the businesses that have paid sales tax for ten years or longer an incentive of ten thousand dollars will be received.

“We'll sit down as a council and an EDC board to discuss all the projects and what we want to implement all the goals for the next year,” Enriquez said. “At that point we'll discuss the 5-10 plan.”

Parameters and criteria needs to be established before the 5-10 plan can be implemented but ultimately Enriquez said they want to give back to businesses that have been taxpayers for many years.

As per Trevino's salary Enriquez said a final offer has been made and once it is signed the amount will be disclosed. But he guarantees the taxpayer of Edinburg that Trevino's contract will not have a stipulation where he would be able to receive a severance package should leadership within the council change because of an election. Currently the former executive director Gus Garcia is seeking money owed to him by a clause in his contract worth two years salary.

“It is going to be a fair contract for both parties,” Enriquez said. “It is not going to be a one-sided contract in favor of the employee, we're looking at taxpayer money and I can guarantee it will be fair for both parties.”

The contract is expected to be finalized this coming week.