Mayor Jim Darling and the McAllen City Commission proclaimed the month of March as Women’s History Month in McAllen, in celebration of the of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. City leaders were proud to point out that the City of McAllen is unique amongst Rio Grande Valley and border municipalities, with an equal number of men and women who are directors of City of McAllen departments. The world of work is changing, and with significant implications for women.

“The City of McAllen is an organization where women flourish and is proud to boast an equal number of women and men in positions of leadership, influence, and decision and policy-making as directors within the organization, helping to bring new vision and perspective to the growth and direction of the municipality and more importantly, the community,” read part of the proclamation.

According to Mayor Jim Darling, women have been an important part of the fabric of the growth and progress of society.

There have been staggering changes for women in religion, in government, in employment, in education that have come about in over eight generations, since that first women’s meeting in Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s kitchen in upstate New York in 1848. These changes did not just happen spontaneously. Women themselves made these changes happen, very deliberately. Women have not been the passive recipients of miraculous changes in laws and human nature. Eight generations of women have come together to affect these changes in the most democratic ways: through meetings, petition drives, lobbying, public speaking, and nonviolent resistance. They have worked very deliberately to create a better world, and they have succeeded hugely.

“Women are not only an integral part of nurturing families, but often times, also serve as bread winners and role models for their community, said Mayor Darling. “Whether on a small scale in their home, on a larger scale in jobs such as education, medicine or science, those cultures where women have played a role in the advancement of, or been a major part of the innovation and responsiveness of government, those societies have flourished.”

Concluded Darling, “It is an honor to be a part of the City of McAllen where women have such key roles in moving our city forward.”

In celebration of Women’s History Month (March) and International Women’s Day (March 8), the City of McAllen will also host a series of events that will help promote and encourage the contributions of women to the city. Below is the schedule of activities that the City of McAllen will host in honor of these initiatives Women’s History Month Proclamation, February 26;

International Women’s Day Breakfast Symposium, McAllen Convention Center, featuring a panel discussion of female trailblazers in the McAllen community, as well, March 8, open to all female City of McAllen employees; and South Texas College Tour & Presentation, March 27, where female students from various degree programs will visit various City of McAllen departments led by female directors and later, hear from other female directors to learn more about opportunities in public service;

This year’s theme for the City of McAllen Women’s History Month celebration is “Nevertheless, she persisted.” In honor of the tireless and unfailing work women have accomplished to bring about the social, economic, education, religious, and personal equality they now enjoy.

“I am honored to not only recognize the leaders in our organization, but also, to stress to all of our female employees that there is no limit to their potential here with the City of McAllen,” said City Manager Roel Roy Rodriguez, P.E. “It is also important to encourage our next generation of women in the workforce to seek a career in public sector work, to help take our city and our region to the next level.”