EDINBURG – The Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District is recognizing March as National Athletic Training Month in conjunction with the National Trainers Association, which celebrates athletic trainers around the world who work to keep those who are physically active safe.

“Currently, we have 11 athletic trainers after we started with one trainer way back in the 1980s,” said Susan Detwiler, an athletic trainer at Edinburg High School. “Each high school has two athletic trainers.”

Edinburg CISD was one of the first large school districts in the Rio Grande Valley to employ middle school athletic trainers.

“About three or four years ago, we decided to hire middle school trainers to help cover our middle schools. We had a great need there with the younger kids,” she said.

The athletic trainers provide care to more than 3,000 student athletes daily at all campuses. They not only provide emergency care for acute injuries, but also develop and implement rehab programs for ECISD student athletes that have suffered an injury while playing sports.

“Most people assume that all we do is really tape people up and take care of minor things. What they don’t realize is that we do more than just give water, give tape, and buy Band-Aids,” said Claudia Gonzalez, an athletic trainer at Economedes High School. “We are able to determine whether or not an injury needs to be sent to the hospital, sent to the doctor or go a little bit further.”

Detwiler said that the athletic trainers also keep the school district in compliance with several state laws and regulations.