UNSANE: A plot about a troubled young woman (Claire Foy) “unvoluntarily” committed to a mental institution who believes a stalker (Joshua Leonard) from her past is a sanitarium worker sounds undeniably like a literal psychological thriller. Undoubtedly (Can you see what I’m doing here?), we’re left to wonder whether she’s unbalanced or under duress from a real threat. When you’re uncertain as to whether she is or isn’t in actual peril, the movie is unquestionably at its best. But unfortunately, when that issue is undoubtedly resolved way too early, the narrative unravels into a series of unbelievably “uncredible” sequences that are as unhinged as the protagonist occasionally believes herself to be. One confrontational scene in a basement cell between the two antagonists is especially stagey and “unmovielike” on several levels. Directed by Steven Soderbergh (See CLOSING CREDITS.) who’s unafraid to take unprecedented, almost experimental creative risks (UNDERNEATH), the film was shot entirely on an iPhone7 and has all the underproduced look of a movie shot on an iPhone7. Poor Claire Foy (LITTLE DORRIT). As the unwitting victim of institutionalization, her effective performance is undone by an uneven screenplay that can’t even be saved by an unexpected cameo from Matt Damon (THE MARTIAN) as a home security consultant. An underlying storyline about insurance misbehavior creating the whole scenario is somewhat undeveloped even if it is unspooled to collective audience apathy at the film’s conclusion. If you’re unaware of this movie’s presence at your nearest Cineplex, let it stay that way because this work is just too underachieving, unwieldy and “ungood”. CRITIC’S GRADE: C

CLOSING CREDITS: Here are some unquestionably better movies directed by Steven Soderbergh – sex, lies and videotape (1989)*, GRAY’S ANATOMY (1996), SCHIZOPOLIS (1997), OUT OF SIGHT (1998), ERIN BROCKOVICH (2000)**, TRAFFIC (2000)***, BUBBLE (2006), THE INFORMANT! (2009), CONTAGION (2011), SIDE EFFECTS (2013)

*Academy Award Nomination for Best Original Screenplay

**Academy Award Nomination for Best Director

***Academy Award Winner for Best Director