The Mission Ballers (K-5th) are students from the 14 MCISD elementary schools in which two schools are combined in order to form 7 teams. These teams had the opportunity to perform during the basketball season at the VMHS and MHS varsity games and they were also able to perform during the UTRGV and Vipers halftime this season. The program had approximately 350 students and with the assistance of all the elementary PE teachers helping out, this was a great turnout for MCISD for the program’s first year.

The objective was to encourage early interest in basketball by developing ball handling skills, improving agility and general fitness, building self-confidence, becoming self-discipline, developing character and giving them the opportunity to be part of team. It was really fun seeing the kids take photos with other school kids in our district and knowing that they could possibly play together one day.

It is also exciting to see these kids taking pictures with team players on their home court of both the UTRGV Vaqueros and RGV VIPERS. Hopefully, this will inspire some kids to play college or professional basketball one day. What is most exciting is seeing these kids at this young age have so much fun, improving their ball handling skills, and just knowing they will get better with time.

The First Annual MCISD-Mission Ballers All-Stars are finishing off the program at the Vipers halftime this week. Pics are from the east schools (Mims, Midkiff, Bryan, Salinas, Alton, and Castro) that attended the game on March 19. The west schools (Cavazos, Pearson, Escobar/Rios, Leal, Waitz, Marcell, O’Grady and Cantu) will be at the game on March 21.

The coaches for this program are All-Stars; East: Sam Barrientos (Bryan Elem.) and Joe Hernandez (Castro Elem.). Coaches for All-Stars; West: Monica Rivas-Salinas (Cavazos Elem.), Romeo Vela (Cantu Elem.), and Jorge Menchaca (Pearson Elem.). The MCISD Mission Ballers program is under the direction of District PE Coordinator, Martina Carrillo.

We are thankful for the administrators, teachers, parents and students that made this program possible for MCISD.