After category 4 Hurricane Harvey ripped through Texas last year, displaced families have strived to rebuild their homes and lives and Henderson Junior High students and teachers have been doing their part to help.

The school “adopted” the Addison family from Dickinson, located in Galveston County, right after Hurricane Harvey destroyed their home and raised money for the family of 10.

“My SIT students came to me in the fall wanting to help with the hurricane Harvey relief. One of my students suggested adopting a family and helping them with some financial needs,” said HJH art teacher Misti Schulz. “We had some bigger picture fundraisers going on at the time, but I thought it was a wonderful idea to think smaller picture; to help the individual and actually know where the help is going.”

The total raised is not finalized, but 92 students purchased “Team Addison” T-shirts and most of the student body participated in “dollar day” events to contribute.

HJH students Seren Fowler, Brooke Langford and Payton Poston talked about helping the Addison family.

“It made me feel proud that I got the opportunity to help and it made me feel nice, in that I should always care about other people and be thankful that it didn’t happen to our town,” Fowler, who’s in seventh grade, said.

Langford added, “It was sad what happened to them, but cool that we could help.”

Poston said he was also glad to help.

“It made me feel good about myself knowing that we’re helping people who are suffering through that time,” he said.

The Addison family is currently rebuilding what they lost.

“I felt very honored, once again, to be a teacher to such giving students who never cease to amaze me with their giving hearts,” Schulz said. “Stephenville's students are absolute gold and I am so blessed to be a part of their lives.”