Veterans Memorial High School senior, Aaron Fernandez, just received a $100,000 scholarship from Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa to play football. Fernandez is really excited about this and looks forward to being a part of the Lions football team.

“This opportunity that he received not only opens doors for him but for other Patriots players as well,” stated VMHS Head Football Coach Dan Gilpin. “We are excited about what the future holds for Aaron and for other of our players.”

Fernandez is set to take the field alongside his teammates for the first time ever in the fall of 2018. Clarke University has never had a football program before but has been in development for several years. They have designated the fall of 2018 as their scrimmage competition year and then their varsity competition will start in fall 2019.

“It feels amazing knowing that I will be part of the first football team ever in the history of the university,” says Fernandez. “I’m looking forward to seeking a degree in food science and/or psychology but also about playing a sport that I love.”

Fernandez will be under the direction of Clarke University’s Head Football Coach Miguel Regalado. He is an individual that not only wants to prepare his players for the field but also wants to prepare them for life. According to Regalado, if you grow the person then you grow the program. His motto for the university is simple, he believes that every person that comes through doors at Clarke University will leave a better person.

Fernandez is excited about his future and about building new relationships at the university. He attributes his success in football and in life to his parents. He is the son of Jesus Fernandez, Emalinda Rodriguez and Erik Rodriguez.