McALLEN - As William Paul Webber III stood at the podium it was evident his American pride was on full display, not only with his American flag patch on the right sleeve of his Boys Scout uniform but as well with the Eagle Scout project he chose in properly retiring multiple versions of Old Glory after waving in the air is no longer an option.

The project began at Bensten State Park. Each year the park flies roughly six flags but with the wind they become unfit to fly. Stack on the Texas flag and their collection grew to about 46 flags that needed retirement.

Webber searched the U.S. Flag code, and along with the help of Col. Frank Plummer (Ret.) he embarked on his project.

“I consider myself patriotic,” Webber said at a ceremony on Flag Day at the Veteran's War Memorial of Texas. “I think that a lot of people simply don't know how to properly respect the American flag.”

Webber said having events that show how to properly retire a flag will help the community know that just keeping it in storage will not be enough.

Even for Webber some state's policies are confusing. Some states will allow for you to burn the flag but will be fined for throwing it away.

“There isn't an actual concrete, this is the way,” he said.

From the project and the ceremony Webber knows other scouts will take in what he has accomplished and at the least, they will know how to properly retire a flag.