Emergency Repair Grants Available to McAllen Residents

Emergency repair grants are now available from Affordable Homes of South Texas, Inc. for residents living in McAllen who have had damage to their home due to the flooding from the rain that fell in the area on Wednesday, June 20 and Thursday, June 21. The grants are valued at up to $300 and are meant to help purchase items for quick fixes, such as tarps, wet vacuums, and other such items until insurance help arrives.

Residents can bring the application to the McAllen office, located at 500 S. 15th Street.  Additionally, residents can submit documents online through Facebook or e-mail at info@ahsti.org.

Affordable Homes of South Texas, Inc. will be open Saturday, June 23, 2018 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for emergency repair grant assistance in McAllen. 

What is required:

1. Completed Application: request the application form from Affordable Homes of South Texas, Inc.

2. Valid Texas I.D. or driver’s license or any type of identification 

3. Proof of income: one check stub or bank statement that shows direct deposit

4. PRINTED pictures of what needs to be repaired

5. An estimate of the work. If the resident is going to do the work themselves and  just need assistance to purchase materials, then please provide the estimate from the store where the materials will be purchased.

For more information, please call the McAllen office at 687-6263.


City of McAllen Garbage Collection Delayed

Due to the heavy rains and flooding yesterday, June 21, 2018, some of the City of McAllen regular garbage collection routes for Thursday were suspended. 

Please note that City of McAllen Public Works crews are working today and will continue through this weekend to make up for the missed residential cycle pick-up.

Citizens are encouraged to ensure their trash containers are located in the normal pick-up location.