The next Prosperity Hidalgo PAC weekly meeting will be a public conversation regarding the proposed I -68 Toll Road Project.

Topics to be addressed at the meeting are

1. Additional emergency evacuation routes leading north from the Valley.

2. Alternatives to the current expressed preferred plan, - Construction of the I – 68 Toll Road. Ex. Widening and improving existing north/south highways instead of taking additional privately held land.

3. The effects to the affected land owners in eastern Hidalgo County.

4. The daily effects to the residents in the communities in eastern Hidalgo County.

5. Why is this project being proposed as a toll road? TxDOT has announced that the State of Texas is no longer funding toll roads.

6. Can the examination of past toll road projects and their financial success record be used to project the financial viability of the current proposed project?

7. The monetary responsibilities of the tax payers of Hidalgo County to the established RMA should the toll road concept not produce the necessary annual revenue.

Representatives from TxDOT and the Hidalgo County RMA are invited to attend and participate in this weekly public meeting.

The meeting details are as follows

Date: Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Time: 6:00 pm

Place: The Endowment Center San Carlos

107 N. Sunflower Rd.

Edinburg, Texas, 78542


For additional information, contact Fern McClaugherty 956-330-9107 or