Community members are introduced to new district leader

MISSION - After five years of leading Robstown ISD to plenty of academic success, Valley native Maria Viduarri is back - this time as Superintendent of Schools for Sharyland ISD.

With live student performances, food, drinks and several photo opportunities, the school district celebrated Viduarri’s return Friday evening at the Mission Event Center with a meet and greet reception. Teachers, staff, friends, family and even business of the community all gathered for her special night, watching and congratulating her as she takes on this new chapter in her life.

However, this isn’t the first time Vidaurri has worked at Sharyland school district. For two years she served as federal programs director before becoming superintendent of Robstown ISD. It was not until previous Sharyland superintendent, Robert O’Connor, announced his retirement back in April did board members of the school district quickly begin their search for a replacement. Out of the 42 applicants, Vidaurri stood out.

“We got ourselves a gem,” Sharyland school board President Melissa Smith said. “We saw the phenomenal work she had done in Robstown and we wanted her back.”

For Viduarri, taking on this new position with Sharyland is exciting, yet not so much new. Being that she is familiar with the school and its faces, she sees her coming back as a colleague and team member, not a complete stranger.

“It just feels amazing to be back in the district and back in the community,” Vidaurri said with a smile. “Although I do hold this position [as Superintendent], I still come back with the same notion and energy; as working together as a team to make a difference for Sharyland ISD.”

Though soaking in the support and excitement, Vidaurri is very much focused on her goals for the district. She says that they’re currently looking and changing up the curriculum so that teachers and students work their way to not only being but receiving the best form of education.

“I want us to really look at what we’re doing everyday and see what we can do to make sure we ensure success for all students.” she said. “By paying attention to data, we’re going to be able to provide opportunity to all of our kids at the district, and I’m excited about that.”

Viduarri started in her position in May and hopes to remain with Sharyland for a long time. She brightly looks into the school year, ready to lead the district from good to great every step of the way.