Anel Cuarenta used her research skills to learn about an exciting summer opportunity. Anel had heard about another Sharyland High School student who was accepted to a leadership institute. She started to research similar opportunities in March of 2018. She discovered The Brown Leadership Institute.

The Brown Leadership Institute believes that young people are already making powerful contributions in to their communities. Brown University is located in historic Providence, Rhode Island and founded in 1764. It is the seventh oldest college in the United States. It is an independent, coeducational Ivy League University.

Mrs. Nancy Barbosa, Sharyland High School BPA Sponsor, said, “Anel is a wonderful and well-rounded young lady who will achieve excellence, without a doubt.  Her vibrant personality and charisma are captivating.  She is an essential member on our BPA Officer team, serving as Vice-President, and has helped Sharyland High School’s Chapter of BPA be placed on the map.  She’s been a BPA member for 4 years.”

In order to be accepted to this leadership institute Anel had to complete an application which included a transcript of her classes and grades, resume, short answer responses to multiple questions regarding her ambition and focus, and letters of recommendation. She was notified by email around May 5th. She attended the institute from July 9th to July 21st.

One of her greatest concerns was finding the perfect roommate. Unfortunately, her roommate did not attend so she had a room to herself, but she found it easy to make new friends. “One of my favorite memories was meeting people from all over the world including China, New Zealand, and even Madagascar.” Anel was one of only 2 students from Texas.

“The biggest take-away was the way the professors taught the information. Basically, we had socratic seminars. The professor would introduce the topic and define terms and present his or her personal and professional information. Then students would each have an opportunity to share their opinions, ideas, and thoughts on the topic.”

A memorable event was spending the weekend at Newport Beach as a kick-off to the entire institute. “Newport Beach is similar to The Hamptons of Connecticut except it is in Rhode Island.”

While she was at the institute, Anel had the opportunity to create an Action Plan. Her action plan focuses on public school funding in Texas in particular she researched how property wealthy districts contribute to property poor districts instead of keeping those funds within their schools. She shared her article on this topic with Sharyland High School Principal Lori Ann Garza. Anel hopes to have her paper published on the SISD website.

Mrs. Diana Alcala, Sharyland High School BPA Sponsor, adds, “The choices you make today, will pave the way for your life path tomorrow.”