EDINBURG – With the November election looming, the Hidalgo County Elections Office conducted logic and accuracy (L&A) testing on all 696 voting machines they own.

The process involves pre-marked ballots being run through the voting machines to ensure accurate counts.

“It's a test required by law and it makes sure the machines are county correctly,” Michael Sosa with the Hidalgo County IT Department said. “We have to do this for every single election.”

Once the tests are finished, three different seals are applied to the machines to avoid any tampering.

This week 18 different school districts and municipalities will meet with the Hidalgo County Elections Office to see how their respective elections will take place over the machines.

The county has been using the machines for a year now. Hidalgo County Elections Administrator Yvonne Ramon said people going to polling places should be confident they can vote independently.

Issues they do find have to do with a screen being exposed to heat for a long period of time but a simple calibration allows Ramon and her staff to be prepared for early voting and election day.

“The process is easy to vote (with these machines),” she said. “That is what we hope for.”

By Texas law, the county is only required to test on a sample of the machines. Ramon said the county tests all 696 machines, giving

“It is just our reassurance that every machine is ready,” Ramon said.

The testing also confirms each candidate appears in the proper precinct, including split precincts, and does not appear in precinct outside the candidate's jurisdiction.