EDINBURG – The United Way of South Texas serves Hidalgo and Starr Counties, and funds over 100 programs through 23 Partner Agencies and numerous Community Impact Grant recipients.

Economic Development Director Michael Leo said that County Department Heads and Elected Officials have already begun raising awareness on the campaign that will kick off in January.

Earlier this week, Elected Officials and Department Heads met at the Echo Hotel where Pct. 2 Commissioner Eduardo "Eddie" Cantu was the guest speaker and spoke to the group about the important role the United Way plays within our county by giving back.

"Last year, Hidalgo County as a whole contributed over $55,000 for United Way. The goal is to increase employee contributions by 10 percent," said Leo.

Department Heads, and their employees will have the opportunity to meet with the United Way and decide on what level they'd like to contribute to the cause.

"The United Way will offer a presentation for each department so staff members can hear about all the positive things they do," said Cantu. "It's a great way to give to several entities by donating to just one."

Cantu said that several elected county officials have already showed interest in increasing the amount they raised from the previous year.

"I think there will be a tremendous increase, as Pct. 1, the Sheriff's, and the District Attorney's offices have already committed to contributing more to this year's campaign," said Cantu. "Thank you all for being leaders in this, and let's lead by asking our employees to do what they can do to help."